Monday, October 22, 2007

Update #2

Ok, So with no word back from SOA as of 4:45pm CST. I decided to call. Once again, I have just missed my contact at SOA. Weird. Word now from SOA is that they are waiting from word from the dealership about what they have "found" Strange, because when I was in the dealership bright an early (8:15am) they told me that They sent pictures to SOA/My contact on this matter. Looks like Mr. Keith Tilton, Vice President/Customer Relations and Loyalty will be receiving a letter. Not to mention I am also be filling a complaint with better business bureau.
I just don't get how hard it is to honor a warranty? The car is complete stock, NO MODS, no exhaust, no cold air, I don't even let me friends smoke in it! And when I was a smoker, I NEVER smoked in it!
I just don't get it, Its not like I'm asking for a brand new car, or even money! JUST FIX your product! Not give me or any other Subaru consumer a run around for over a month! I might as well be standing in line at the BMV, at least there I know I'm good for a year till I have to come back!
I can summarize my experience with Subaru and there customer care in one word. "FUBAR" You can only be nice for so long, and I think 1 month is long enough. Not to mention, no returned calls, over priced parts and labor, and the fact the dealer "KNOWS" (and I use that word VERY loosley) how much to charge for parts but doesnt have a list of the parts that need to be ordered/replaced. Oh wait, the dealership did tell me what was ordered/needed, the short block, which only makes up of $1800 of the 3k they are charging me! The rest of it must be in high performce windshield fluid.

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Vincent said...

1 month? Man thats nuts. Stay positive man!