Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Call from dealership

So I just received a call from the dealership. They now informed me that labor will now be 24 hours. I was then asked what they I want to do with the car. I did inform the dealership I have wrote a letter to the VP and the better business bureau on how I was treated and that it took over a week for my call, and the regional service manager couldn't catch the first issue the first time around.
I even went to the length to inform the dealership that at this point the way I have been treated, and mis-leaded. Not to mention wasn't called for over 1 week, when originally told the next day. I then requested from the dealer how much they would give me for my car as is. Motor not fixed, in pieces. I am so close to just washing my hands of all this mess.
Also the dealership NOW informs me that they do use all data, and insured me that he was looking at labor times for this repair.
So here is another mis-leading information I was given from the regional service manager.


Anonymous said...

I am an 03 Wagon owner. I most definitely will not purchase another Subaru product. I have seen far too many have their warranty denied. I understand the ones with mods but too many have been stock. They can tell the engine has been "lubricated" properly after they tear into it. This is a way for them to save money. I will be switching back to Nissans myself. I'm even more sorry I didn't get an 03 Maxima with a manual tranny now.

Victoryperfect said...

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