Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Finally A call back

So today at work I finally received a call from SOA & the regional service rep. Where to start...
So first off I was hoping that with tomorrow being my birthday I would have some good news to go with it, but see what happens when hope for the impossible?
So I was told today by the regional service rep on the phone that the WHOLE reason with my motor and what caused this was due to lack of oil, in there word lubricant. My first thought was "Wow it took a regional service manager 2 attempts at looking at my motor and who knows how many on-site mechanics, to "find" this as the problem! Good job Subaru! Whats next? You are going to tell me that I didn't have enough gas in the car after I just got done filling up, and that is what caused cylinder 3 to go, thumbs up! Not to mention why couldn't he notice this when he was there on site the first time. Well his reason was he wasn't there to service my motor and had other things going on that day at the dealership. What a load of crap, so what you are saying is that you lied to me the first time you were there. And not to mention, NOW you can tell whats wrong with the motor from pictures (that took over a week, must be some very large pictures, sent via email).
When I asked about why the dealership told me the first time, that they couldn't find anything wrong, he disagreed and said that they cant speak for him. Well my question to you "DAVE" then why didn't you call me. Not to mention why cant anybody when I ask, give me a quote on labor hours/$$ and parts! Its not like I'm asking for a million dollars, just FIX MY CAR ALREADY!
Its funny I went with Subaru because I thought they were a great cars, not to mention great company. I remember when my mom had a GM, Grand Prix, and started making some weird popping sound when she turned the wheel all the way right. Well long story short, she took it in the dealership, WITH NO WARRANTY! They replaced everything under the sun, over 4k in parts no to mention labor, and you know what she paid, NOTHING! Granted the sound was still there, but some how the dealer ate the cost. Common Subaru, you really going to let a company like GM show you up like that. I always thought that American cars were pieces of crap, not to mention service.
Also the regional service manager some how found lack of oil AFTER the fact it has already been drained and disposed of. He also told me that where ever I got it changed at might of used the wrong oil. I informed him that I am the one who changes it EVERY TIME. Not to mention I use 5w30 and 4.3 quarts, what it states in the manual.
Afterwards, I did mention that I checked the oil before it even got to the dealership, and if this such an "eye opener" why didn't the mechanic that dropped my oil pan over 3 weeks ago, notice this?
At this point I don't know If I even want these guys to work on my motor, if they cant tell in under 5 minutes that oil is low, how the fuck are they supposed to put a motor back together?
Oh yeah and "Dave" surely informed me that Subaru/dealership doesn't go by all data, times for repairs. So I requested then what does the manufacture state the time frame on this repair/parts should cost. He just informed me that I would have to take it up with the dealerships parts manager. And that pretty much made it clear, that they can charge me (and also said this to him) for whatever wrench time. Wow, and they are supposed to be representing Subaru's name.
All in all, I feel like this past month I have gotten so much bullshit, that if I could invest stock in a company that deals with reselling it, I would be a fuckin Billionaire!


Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for you. You would think subaru would stand by their product. You should give this info to their competitors so they can use it against them. Keep you head up though.

Anonymous said...

Yeah thats a good idea. You should send this to every car company out there in an email. Just send it to them to see if you get any feedback in any way. Hell they might compfort you enough to persuade you to consider their company. Im sure that wouldn't be hard now considering what you have been through. Nevertheless if just one anonymous dealer changes one persons mind with your story when it comes to buying a Subaru, then you have done more than most people out there. Sorry to hear about your situation, but you could still make a difference. You certainly changed my mind, and thats a big start.