Monday, October 22, 2007

An update as of 10/22/2007

This is an update to state what has been NOT DONE!

Ok so I called SOA today 10/22, and they said they will get back to me today. Afterwards I stopped by the dealership. I asked for #1 is my car broke down. They informed me yes. 2nd Why I am paying 3k for a short block when it only costs $1812 on all data. And why am I paying 2k in labor when it should only be 1k=14.9 hours according to all data (its what real truthful mechanics use) There answer was they are charging me for time they has already been performed, IE break the motor down. BUT wait, isn't that part of the 14.9 hours?? so what the dealership is really telling me is that they are charging me 2 break downs!!
When all this started I asked the dealer, "what the worst case this will cost me?" Service manager replied "we don't like to use the scare tactic, and give a high estimate" Cool enough said, I agree.
Then tell me why today when I went in, and asked for a list of parts I need he couldn't give it to me? (motor is broke down, they KNOW what needs to be replaced) I asked for it multi times. And when I mentioned that a short block doesn't cost 3k, and all data says it should only take 14.9 hours. His reply was b/c they like to over shoot the price, b/c then they can subtract cost, instead of adding/"hidden" cost that might scare the customer, but that makes no sense what he told me 3 week + ago. Sounds like someone is changing there tune!!
I love my Subaru, TO DEATH!! I wouldn't buy any other car, (ask any of my friends and family. I have always said "My next car would be a subaru")but after all this fuckin bullshit with SOA and the dealership, at this point I don't think I could put my faith nor money back into a company that treats you this way.!
I am not 12 years old, I know what shit cost. Not to mention My friend is a mechanic for Nissan for the past 10 years!! He has helped me weed through all the BS! I guess my next company I have to take this up with is the Better business bureau. Or I can start with this email requesting President, VP, marketing VP. (which I am going to do! Along with a Copy of my URL for this blog!)

Dear Mr. Martinez:
Thank you for your recent message to Subaru of America, Inc. We appreciate that you would like to send a letter directly to our top management. Please forward your letter to Mr. Keith Tilton, Vice President/Customer Relations and Loyalty / Subaru of America, Inc. / PO Box 6000 / Cherry Hill, NJ 08034-6000, referencing case 1041225. Mr. Tilton is responsible for our overall customer relations and is very interested in your feedback. If necessary, he will forward your message to the appropriate people within our organization.

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Alex said...

That is pretty ridiculous. I wonder if this is the way they treat all their customers? "Well we found that its broke. Just pay us $5,000 and we'll start on it next month. Oh yeah and don't forget...We are doing you a favor."
I'm sure they will keep on putting it on the back burner with the incentive to them being that you will eventually cough up more money for another engine not under warranty. Its pretty insane how Subaru is treating you.