Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Sorry guys for no update, I forgot about this issue (cant blame me) until someone brought up this blog during dinner.
So here is a update.  After 3 months of my car in the shop, I had it for about 1 month; less than 200 miles after I received it my check engine light came on.  Yes you know where this is going.  I immediately took my car to the dealer who checked it out and found nothing wrong with it!  The service manager gave me some BS answer that it may have been a ghost code stuck in the computer. (Remember this isn't windows, my car was tore apart for over 3 months!)
So after this of course Subaru being Subaru had to add insult to injury and charged me $95 for them to look at my car, oh and I'm just getting to the good part!  The check engine code stated that cylinder 4 was miss firing!  Yes we have a winner!
After all this I paid my $95 bucks and asked to speak to the sales manager.  I informed him that I no longer wanted my POS and to give me best dollar, he was happy to try to get me into a new 08 (at the time) WRX.  I informed him that I was done with Subaru, and will have no part with them!  He offered me some crappy deal so I turned it down.
I ended up just trading it in to the Acura dealership.  I am now a proud owner of a 2008 Acura TL with Navi!!!  Acura has done more for me the first week of owning my car than Subaru ever has done in the 3 years I owned my WRX.   I have now owned my TL for a year and love it still. I wish I could of ended this blog with a happy "Subaru" ending but that's how the WRX crumbles!